Implementing a successful Community Impact Program is hard work. As a result, we have automated the key planning and administrative functions of these programs through a web based software application. These tools take the burden out of managing your program and allow your company to achieve lasting results on not only the community but your company as well.

Software Components:

Non-Profit Partners

Search through our database of vetted non profits and choose which organizations you are interested in partnering with, as well as specific ways they can get involved.

Financial Donations

Donate directly to your nonprofit of choice. Makes giving and donation matching programs simple to manage.

Volunteer Hours

Easily track the time given by each employee in real time.

Upcoming Opportunities

Quickly find upcoming openings to partner with top notch nonprofits.

Our Impact

Celebrate the success your company is having on the community with pictures and postings.

Real Time Reporting

Dynamically detail all philanthropic activity by customizable dimensions.