Imagination Equals Reality

Imagine the impact on your community when you empower and release your employees to contribute their time, resources and skills.

Imagine the impact on your employees when they can quickly discover local opportunities and make immediate impact.

Imagine the impact on your company's brand as the public hears the stories of how your company has united to support the community.

P4P was founded on the belief that the key to your imagined results lies not in more headcount and administrative manpower but better tools and an innovative approach. We began to imagine what was possible by utilizing technology to empower companies to easily connect their employees to charities and volunteer opportunities, which best match their skill and passions, to track and measure all their initiatives in one dynamic platform and to share the stories of how they're impacting communities across the country and globe in real time.

From startups to Fortune 500 our customized web based solutions have helped organizations leverage community involvement to transform culture, enhance brand, and move from imagination to reality. We exist to make impact easy.

What do you imagine?

Our Goal

Over the next ten years, in partnership with you, we will realize the goal of:

1 million people volunteering.

10 million hours of cummunity service.

$100 million donated to community impact.

Our Mission

Profits 4 Purpose exists to empower companies with the tools to effectively engage their company and employees in achieving a positive impact in the city where they live, work and play.

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